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Mounted games

Mounted gamesDescription : Mounted games is a branch of equestrian sport in which very fast games are played by people of all ages on ponies up to a height of 15 hands (60 inches, 152 cm).They require a high degree of athletic ability, good riding skills, hand-to-eye coordination, determination, perseverance, and a competitive spirit, which nevertheless requires an ability to work together with other riders and a willingness to help one another.Mounted Games were the inspiration of Prince Philip. When Co... Page:m4

This article is about a specific equestrian discipline. For a related sport, see Gymkhana (equestrian). For the organization promoting riding on small horses generally, see Pony Club.
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A rider competing in the "Windsor Castle Race"

Mounted games is a branch of equestrian sport in which very fast games are played by people of all ages on ponies up to a height of 15 hands (60 inches, 152 cm).

They require a high degree of athletic ability, good riding skills, hand-to-eye coordination, determination, perseverance, and a competitive spirit, which nevertheless requires an ability to work together with other riders and a willingness to help one another.

Mounted Games were the inspiration of Prince Philip. When Col. Sir Mike Ansell was Director of the Horse of the Year Show, Prince Philip asked if he could devise a competition for children who could not afford an expensive, well-bred pony, and in 1957 the Horse of the Year Show, then at Harringay Arena in North London, England, staged the first Mounted Games Championship for the Prince Philip Cup—it was an immediate box office success.

The sport of mounted games as it exists today was founded by Norman Patrick. His aim was to extend the sport, previously age-restricted by Pony Club, for wider participation, and for this reason, in 1984, he established the Mounted Games Association of Great Britain. In the years which followed his continued support and patronage ensured that the sport spread across Great Britain and beyond. At the time of Patrick's death in 2001, the sport which he had established was being enjoyed by many riders across the world, and the International Mounted Games Association, which was formed in 2003, now has members in twenty two countries on five continents.




There are many different games played in mounted games. These are split into team, pairs and individual games.

Team games:Pairs games:Individual games:
Agility AcesAgility Aces
Association RaceAssociation RaceAssociation Race
Ball and Cone
Bank RaceBank RaceBank Race
Bottle ExchangeBottle ExchangeBottle Exchange
Bottle ShuttleBottle ShuttleBottle Shuttle
Bottle SwapBottle Swap
Carton RaceCarton RaceCarton Race
Flag FliersFlag FliersFlag Fliers
Four FlagFour Flag
Founder's Race
Hula HoopHula HoopHula Hoop
Litter LiftersLitter LiftersLitter Lifters
Moat and Castle
Mug ShuffleMug ShuffleMug Shuffle
Pony Express
Pony PairsPony Pairs
Ride and LeadRun and RideRun and Ride
Socks and BucketsSocks and BucketsSocks and Buckets
Speed WeaversSpeed WeaversSpeed Weavers
Sword LancersSword LancersSword Lancers
Three MugThree MugThree Mug
Three Pot Flag Race
Tool Box ScrambleTool Box ScrambleTool Box Scramble
Triple Flag
Two FlagTwo FlagTwo Flag
Victoria Cross
Windsor Castle

Participating nations

International Mounted Games Association member nations are as follows:

  • Australia Australia
  • Austria Austria
  • Belgium Belgium
  • Burkina Faso Burkina Faso
  • Canada Canada
  • Denmark Denmark
  • England England
  • France France
  • Germany Germany
  • Iran Iran
  • Republic of Ireland Ireland
  • Italy Italy
  • Luxembourg Luxembourg
  • New Zealand New Zealand
  • Northern Ireland Northern Ireland
  • Norway Norway
  • Scotland Scotland
  • South Africa South Africa
  • South Korea South Korea
  • Sweden Sweden
  • Switzerland Switzerland
  • United States United States of America
  • Wales Wales

World Team Championships

The IMGA World Team Championships are held each year in a different member country. At the first World Championships in 1985 only four teams participated, by 2007 this had grown to 18 and is expected to continue rising over the coming years.

Originally Great Britain participated as one team however from 2000 onwards this was split into England, Scotland and Wales. Northern Ireland have always participated as a separate team.

1986England EnglandUnited Kingdom Great Britain
1987Canada CanadaUnited Kingdom Great Britain
1988United States USAUnited Kingdom Great Britain
1989Northern Ireland Northern IrelandUnited Kingdom Great Britain
1990Wales WalesUnited Kingdom Great Britain
1991United States USAUnited Kingdom Great Britain
1992England EnglandUnited Kingdom Great Britain
1993Wales WalesUnited Kingdom Great Britain
1994England EnglandUnited Kingdom Great Britain
1995Germany GermanyUnited Kingdom Great Britain
1996Sweden SwedenUnited Kingdom Great Britain
1997France FranceUnited Kingdom Great Britain
1998Republic of Ireland IrelandUnited Kingdom Great Britain
1999Belgium BelgiumUnited Kingdom Great Britain
2000Germany GermanyEngland England
2001Canada CanadaCanada Canada
2002England EnglandWales Wales
2003United States USAWales Wales
2004France FranceEngland England
2005Wales WalesEngland England
2006Sweden SwedenEngland England
2007Belgium BelgiumEngland England
2008Australia AustraliaNew Zealand New Zealand
2009England EnglandEngland England
2010Switzerland SwitzerlandRepublic of Ireland Ireland
2011Denmark DenmarkEngland England
2012Wales WalesFrance France
2013New Zealand New ZealandNew Zealand New Zealand
2014France FranceEngland England
2015United States USAUnited States USA
2016Republic of Ireland IrelandFrance France
2017South Africa South Africa
2018Belgium Belgium
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European Team Championships

The European Team Championships had already existed in an unofficially format for a number of years before being officially recognised as an IMGA event in 2006. Since then the organisation of the championships has fallen into the same model as the World championships with a different member country hosting the event each year. Unlike the World Team Championships, this event is also stages across different age groups.

Year:Host:Winners (Open):Winners (Under 17):Winners (Under 14):Winners (under 12):
2006Switzerland SwitzerlandEngland EnglandFrance FranceFrance FranceFrance France
2007England EnglandEngland EnglandEngland EnglandN/AWales Wales
2008Germany GermanyEngland EnglandBelgium BelgiumN/AEngland England
2009France FranceFrance FranceEngland EnglandEngland EnglandEngland England
2010Wales WalesFrance FranceEngland EnglandEngland EnglandEngland England
2011Northern Ireland Northern IrelandEngland EnglandEngland EnglandEngland EnglandEngland England
2012Italy ItalyFrance FranceEngland EnglandEngland EnglandEngland England
2013Republic of Ireland IrelandEngland EnglandRepublic of Ireland IrelandEngland EnglandWales Wales
2014Belgium BelgiumRepublic of Ireland IrelandEngland EnglandItaly ItalyEngland England
2015France FranceEngland EnglandEngland EnglandWales WalesEngland England
2016Germany GermanyEngland EnglandItaly ItalyEngland EnglandWales Wales
2017England England
2018France France

Nations Team Championships

In 2010 IMGA introduced a Southern Hemisphere Championship as a regional international championship similar to the European Team Championships. This was then expanded to include all non-European members in 2014 and rebranded as the Nations Championships.

2010South Africa South AfricaNew Zealand New Zealand
2011New Zealand New ZealandNew Zealand New Zealand
2012Australia AustraliaAustralia Australia
2013South Africa South AfricaSouth Africa South Africa
2014New Zealand New ZealandNew Zealand New Zealand
2015Australia AustraliaAustralia Australia
2016South Africa South Africa
2017United States USA

World Pairs Championships

The World Pairs Championships started in 1992, originally as an Open competition with an Under 17 class being added in 1993 and an Under 12 class in 1998. To date the championships have always been held at the Newark and Nottinghamshire Showground in England.

Year:Host:Winners (Open):Winners (Under 17):Winners (Under 14):Winners (Under 12):
1992England EnglandEngland England Sharon Scott & Debbie FrenchN/AN/AN/A
1993England EnglandEngland England Jonathon Barnett & Martin GibbsEngland Scotland Caroline Taylor & Victoria BissetN/AN/A
1994England EnglandEngland England Emily Barker & Peter HarndenEngland England Charlotte Falkingham & Carolyn CooperN/AN/A
1995England EnglandWales England Lauren Hopkins & Philip BrickEngland England Ross Howard & Choc AdcockN/AN/A
1996England EnglandEngland England Elaine Trevor-Jones & Guy BrewerEngland England Nicola Leese & Charlotte O'NeillN/AN/A
1997England EnglandEngland England Nicola Leese & Caroline TaylorEngland England Stuart Rogers & Choc AdcockN/AN/A
1998England EnglandEngland England Andrew Gleadow & Jonathon BarnettEngland England Helen Green & Choc AdcockN/AEngland England Samantha Belsey & Laura Centa
1999England EnglandEngland England Nicola Leese & Andrew GleadowEngland England Liana Wileman & Choc AdcockN/AEngland England Craig Tordoff & Charlene Smith
2000England EnglandEngland England Elaine Trevor-Jones & Iain PringuerEngland England Ben Hughes & Stuart MarinerN/AWales England Natalie Gill & Emma Francis
2001England EnglandEngland England Ross Elliott & Bob GhandourEngland England Andrew Horscroft & Stevie HorscroftN/AEngland England Katie Hardy & Shayla McInulty
2002England EnglandEngland Wales Felicity Hotston & Christian JonesEngland Wales Lester Brown & Hannah HopkinsN/AEngland England Chloe Golding & Shayla McInulty
2003England EnglandEngland Wales Andrew Gleadow & Alex JonesEngland Wales Craig Tordoff & Keri HopkinsN/AEngland England Holly Humphrey & Rebecca Wardell
2004England EnglandWales Wales Paul Williams & Gemma ThomasEngland England Katie Hardy & Shayla McInultyN/AEngland England Jessica Leeson & Tyler McInulty
2005England EnglandEngland England Elaine Trevor-Jones & Aron TylerWales England Katie Hopkins & James StarkN/AEngland England Tyler McInulty & April Wilson
2006England EnglandEngland England Elaine Trevor-Jones & Aron TylerWales England Katie Hopkins & Chris ClintonN/AEngland England Kara Tucker & April Wilson
2007England EnglandWales England Huw Whitney & Alex FranklinEngland England Tom Pharez & Danny SpencerN/AEngland Wales Guy Gorvett & Jordan Evans
2008England EnglandEngland New Zealand Robert Leese & David CherringtonWales Wales Bethan Gould & Hannah GouldN/AEngland England Danni Loveless & Matt Seabourne
2009England EnglandEngland New Zealand Robert Leese & David CherringtonEngland England Elley Roberts & Jack CapelN/AEngland England Harry Gates & Thomas Norton
2010England EnglandEngland England Janey Surman & Alex FranklinEngland England April Wilson & Eddie SurmanN/AEngland England Katy Snook & Henry Goldhawk
2011England EnglandEngland England Helen Green & Jack CapelEngland England Sadie Lock & Guy GorvettN/AEngland England Sally Kitchiner & Lottie Watson
2012England EnglandEngland Republic of Ireland Danny Spencer & Mark DevittEngland England Sadie Lock & Guy GorvettN/AWales Wales Ben Hopkins & George Knight-Eddins
2013England EnglandEngland England Joe Garnett & Chloe GoldingEngland England Greg James & Harry GatesWales England Lili Antcliff & Lottie WatsonWales England Ben Hopkins & Callum Cooke
2014England EnglandEngland England Mitch Lyons & April WilsonRepublic of Ireland Republic of Ireland Peter McCarthy & Philip WeldonEngland England Caroline Barbour & Eleanor WheelerWales England Ben Hopkins & Charlie Yates
2015England EnglandRepublic of Ireland Republic of Ireland Craig O'Connor & Kate O'ConnorWales England Lili Antcliff & Lottie WatsonWales Wales Ben Hopkins & Emma LockyerEngland England Jaime Medcalf & Sophie Grimshaw
2016Denmark DenmarkEngland England Mitch Lyons & April WilsonEngland England Rob Olliffe & Will ThirlbyWales Wales Ben Hopkins & Charlie YatesWales Wales Sam Hopkins & Jessica Smith
2017France France
2018Denmark Denmark

World Individual Championships

The World Individual Championships started in 1986 across Open, Under 17 and Under 14 classes. In 1990 an Under 12 class was also added and from 1999 to 2008 there was also a veterans (over 25) class. Until 2012 the championships were always held in Great Britain. 2013 was the first time that the commpetition was held outside of GB.

Year:Host:Winner (Open):Winner (Under 17):Winner (Under 14):Winner (Under 12):Winner (Over 25):
1986England EnglandEngland Liv PultarEngland Liv PultarEngland Lisa BazinN/AN/A
1987England EnglandEngland Richard BulledEngland Sharon ScottWales Jamie DugganN/AN/A
1988England EnglandEngland Richard BulledEngland Abbey KingScotland Audrey MillerN/AN/A
1989England EnglandEngland Liv PultarEngland Lisa BazinEngland James CallowN/AN/A
1990England EnglandEngland Liv PultarEngland Leigh AllenEngland Chrissy BarnwellEngland Rebecca MayneN/A
1991England EnglandWales Kevin PaynterEngland James CallowEngland James CallowEngland Caroline TaylorN/A
1992England EnglandWales Kevin PaynterEngland James CallowEngland Jenny HuckvaleEngland Caroline TaylorN/A
1993England EnglandWales Kevin PaynterEngland James TurkingtonEngland Daniel AlderEngland Jade ForrestN/A
1994England EnglandEngland Jonathon BarnettEngland Mark DerrickEngland Stuart RogersEngland Arran AdcockN/A
1995England EnglandEngland Peter HarndenEngland Carolyn CooperEngland Stuart RogersEngland Shauna O'NeillN/A
1996England EnglandEngland Philip BrickEngland Nicola LeeseEngland Ben EbreyEngland Simon WardN/A
1997England EnglandEngland Jonathon BarnettEngland Caroline TaylorEngland Arran AdcockEngland Luke TavernerN/A
1998England EnglandEngland Jonathon BarnettEngland Choc AdcockEngland Sean TavernerEngland Bradley StampN/A
1999England EnglandEngland Alex KnottEngland Ben EbreyEngland Simon WardEngland Craig TordoffEngland Bob Ghandour
2000England EnglandEngland Joelene MartinEngland Ben HughesEngland Luke TavernerEngland Jade TaylorEngland Bob Ghandour
2001England EnglandEngland Joelene MartinWales Daloni LucasEngland Bradley StampEngland Katie HardyEngland Sharon Scott
2002England EnglandEngland Choc AdcockEngland George GarnerEngland Jade TaylorEngland Shayla McInultyScotland Melanie Scott
2003England EnglandEngland Darren WilliamsWales Hollie RauchEngland Katie HardyEngland Holly HumphreyScotland Melanie Scott
2004England EnglandEngland Elaine Trevor-JonesEngland Craig TordoffEngland Katie HardyEngland Tyler McInultyEngland Nikki Dudley
2005England EnglandEngland Elaine Trevor-JonesEngland Ben MillichapEngland Chloe GoldingEngland Tom ClarkeEngland Emma Lloyd
2006England EnglandEngland Chloe GoldingEngland Janey SurmanWales Bethan GouldEngland April WilsonScotland Melanie Scott
2007England EnglandEngland Janey SurmanEngland Chloe GoldingEngland Matt ClingoEngland Mercedes LockEngland Nick Suggett
2008England EnglandGermany Widukind MoormannEngland Elley RobertsEngland Eddie SurmanEngland Matt SeabourneEngland Nikkki Dudley
2009Wales WalesEngland Janey SurmanEngland Elley RobertsEngland April WilsonWales Harriet DaviesN/A
2010Wales WalesNew Zealand David CherringtonEngland Eddie SurmanEngland Tom LeesonEngland Sally KitchinerN/A
2011Wales WalesEngland Danny SpencerEngland Sadie LockEngland Taylor HarrisEngland Lottie WatsonN/A
2012Wales WalesNorthern Ireland Brian KennedyUnited States Mackenzie TaylorEngland Henry GoldhawkEngland Eleanor WheelerN/A
2013Denmark DenmarkGermany Widukind MoormannRepublic of Ireland Mackenzie TaylorEngland Lottie WatsonWales Ben HopkinsN/A
2014Wales WalesEngland Mitch LyonsRepublic of Ireland Peter McCarthyWales Gwen WilliamsWales Ben HopkinsN/A
2015Wales WalesGermany Widukind MoormannEngland Charlie SuttonWales Ben HopkinsEngland Amelia SwanN/A
2016Wales WalesFrance Colin VerdelhanEngland Megan GurtonWales Ben HopkinsWales Sam Hopkins
2017Wales Wales
2018France France

European Individual Championships

In 2010 a European Individual Championships was run for the first time concurrently with the European Team Championships. This championship is open to all ages.

2010Wales WalesEngland Janey Surman
2011Northern Ireland Northern IrelandRepublic of Ireland Alan Keogan
2012Italy ItalyRepublic of Ireland Mark Devitt
2013Republic of Ireland IrelandRepublic of Ireland Alan Keogan
2014Belgium BelgiumRepublic of Ireland Alan Keogan
2015France FranceRepublic of Ireland Jamie Reavey
2016Germany GermanyScotland Euan Taylor
2017England England
2018France France

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