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Mexico's Next Top Model (cycle 2)

Mexico's Next Top Model (cycle 2)Description : Mexico's Next Top Model, Cycle 2 was a reality show hosted by model Elsa Benitez, which aimed to find the next top Mexican fashion model. The series was based on the reality TV series America's Next Top Model, which was hosted by Tyra Banks.The winner of the competition was Tracy Reuss from the municipality of Gómez Palacio in Durango, Mexico. As her prizes she received a $100,000 contract with Shock Modeling Management and a photo-shoot for the cover and a six-page spread in Elle Magazine.Th... Page:m204

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Mexico's Next Top Model, Cycle 2
Mxntm Cycle 02.jpg
Promotional Photograph featuring the cycle 2 cast of Mexico's Next Top Model
Country of originMexico
Original networkSony Entertainment Television
Original release9 August (2011-08-09) – 1 December 2011 (2011-12-01)
Season chronology
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Cycle 1
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Cycle 3
Series summary

Mexico's Next Top Model, Cycle 2 was a reality show hosted by model Elsa Benitez, which aimed to find the next top Mexican fashion model. The series was based on the reality TV series America's Next Top Model, which was hosted by Tyra Banks.

The winner of the competition was Tracy Reuss from the municipality of Gómez Palacio in Durango, Mexico. As her prizes she received a $100,000 contract with Shock Modeling Management and a photo-shoot for the cover and a six-page spread in Elle Magazine.

This cycle featured twenty semi-finalists from all over the country, which were then pared down to fourteen. The destination during this cycle was San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.


(ages stated are at start of contest)

Pris Zamora271.73 m (5 ft 8 in)Los Mochis, SinaloaEpisode 214
Verónica Sánchez181.71 m (5 ft 7 2 in)Mexico CityEpisode 313 (quit)
Marina Ávila251.73 m (5 ft 8 in)León, GuanajuatoEpisode 412
Xareni Sajarópulos241.75 m (5 ft 9 in)Mexico CityEpisode 511
Ana Claudia Armas221.74 m (5 ft 8 2 in)Zamora, MichoacánEpisode 610
Quetzalli Bulnes231.70 m (5 ft 7 in)Mexico CityEpisode 79
Grecia Vargas201.82 m (5 ft 11 2 in)Tepic, NayaritEpisode 88–7
Erika Coronel211.76 m (5 ft 9 2 in)Cuernavaca, Morelos
Melina Laporta201.74 m (5 ft 8 2 in)Cozumel, Quintana RooEpisode 96
Lee Velázquez241.73 m (5 ft 8 in)Hermosillo, SonoraEpisode 105
Fer Herrera201.78 m (5 ft 10 in)Chihuahua, ChihuahuaEpisode 114
Yael Álvarez251.73 m (5 ft 8 in)Mexico CityEpisode 123
Nikoll Vogas201.72 m (5 ft 7 2 in)Guadalajara, Jalisco2
Tracy Reuss201.73 m (5 ft 8 in)Gómez Palacio, Durango1


Episode 1

First aired: August 9, 2011

The 20 girls arrive in a gorgeous hacienda hotel. They are introduced to Oscar Madrazo and Glenda Reyna. Lastly, Elsa makes a dramatic entrance and flees from the paparazzi to meet the semi-finalists. Wishing them luck, the girls are then introduced to their photographer for the first photo shoot, Jo Lance. The idea of the shoot was to showcase each girl's personality. Verónica and Tracy show their gorgeous smiles for Jo.

Later that night, Glenda strikes a visit and teaches the girls how walk on the runway. While most excel, Grecia is deemed the worst walker. The next day, they meet one-on-one with the panel. Later, the girls are brought back to Oscar where he has some news. He announces that among the girls is a thief. A thief that has robbed a spot in the competition. He later asks that girl, Gaby, to leave. She later states that modeling is not what she thought it would be and decides to abandon the competition.

  • Quit: Gaby Prieto

With nineteen girls still left, Oscar tells them that some of them will not proceed to the next phase of the competition. The girls must prepare to walk into a room in front of a group of paparazzi who will determine their fate. Oscar tells the girls that if the paparazzi call out their name and begin to photograph them, they are still in the running. If they are welcomed by dead silence, the contestant is immediately eliminated. While most of the girls make it through, Ana E. and Saray fall prey to the paparazzi and are eliminated. The seventeen remaining girls have one last photo shoot with photographer and judge Allan Fis.

  • Eliminated (first elimination): Saray Villalobos & Ana Escudero

Each of them are given a red dress and are instructed to do their own hair and make-up. After the photo shoot, the girls are called for the final elimination. Elsa announces that the competition will be much harder this year than ever before. The 13 finalists are chosen and Elsa reveals that this year, they had decided to allow fourteen models, instead of the initial thirteen, into the cast. Quetzalli is put through as the fourteenth contestant, while semi-finalists Vanessa, Mónica, and Lola are eliminated from the competition.

  • Eliminated (second elimination): Vanessa Martínez, Mónica González & Lola Camacho

Episode 2

First aired: August 16, 2011

The girls move in to their top model house, and quickly get settled in. The house is quickly divided by the fun girls and the quiet girls. Later, they receive their first digital Elsa Mail. They have a make-up challenge and Tracy is ultimately chosen as the winner. Later, Oscar reveals that they have been invited to a casting for Elle Mexico. It is another challenge for a beauty spread in Elle Mexico. Nikoll is chosen as the winner of the second challenge. The next day, the girls are subjected to their first photoshoot. The theme of the photoshoot was posing in a swimsuit inside of a lighted box. Some excel, while others fade to the background. At panel Tracy, Erika, and Lee all receive praise for their stunning photos. Some are either good facially or good body wise. The best photo goes out to Tracy who turned out an elegant, yet striking photograph. Melina and Priscilla land in the bottom two. Melina for looking too sexy and too square in her photo. Priscilla for not being memorable and relying heavily on her tattoos, despite having taken a decent photo. Elsa hands the last photo to Melina, as the judges believe she has more potential. A saddened Priscilla is eliminated from the competition for not standing out.

  • First call-out: Tracy Reuss
  • Bottom two: Melina Laporta & Pris Zamora
  • Eliminated: Pris Zamora
  • Featured photographer: Zony Maya
  • Special guests: Yetli, Pavel Marrero, "Chamo", Paulina Soto, Sara Galindo

Episode 3

First aired: August 23, 2011

The episode begins with the girls driving back to the top model house after the elimination. The girls all feel that Melina's photo was the worst and that she looked like a prostitute. Later that day, the models receive their make-overs. Xareni refuses to cut her hair, while Nikoll becomes angered after seeing her new red hair, which she feels looks "fake". Back at the house, the girls get a surprise visit from Elsa in which she shares her advice and experiences as a top model. Elsa then reveals that the girls will be blooming butterflies in the next photo shoot to showcase their new makeovers. At panel Lee, Nikoll, Tracy and Verónica all receive praise for their great shots. But the real surprise of the day came from Melina, who delivered a striking photograph despite having been in the bottom-two during the previous week of the competition. At elimination, Melina's marked improvement and stunning photo earn her the best photo. Xareni and Ana Claudia land in the bottom 2. Xareni for her bad attitude during makeovers and her mediocre photo. Ana Claudia for not using her beauty to deliver a great photo. Elsa hands the last photo to Xareni and tells her to shape up her attitude so it does not affect her at the photo-shoots. Before Elsa dismisses Ana Claudia from the judging room, she reveals shocking news. She tells the other girls that she and the production team know of someone that wants to withdraw from the competition. She asks that girl to step forward. That girl is Verónica. Verónica stands next to Ana Claudia and states that she doesn't feel right being in the competition when she has family matters to handle. Elsa tells her that she admires her honesty and her self-sacrifice. Verónica voluntarily quits and Elsa reveals to Ana Claudia that she is spared due to Verónica's departure. Ana Claudia rejoins the girls and continues in the running, while Verónica is sent to pack her belongings.

  • First call-out: Melina Laporta
  • Bottom two: Ana Claudia Armas & Xareni Sajarópulos
  • Originally eliminated: Ana Claudia Armas
  • Quit: Verónica Sánchez
  • Featured photographer: Anairam

Episode 4

First aired: August 30, 2011

The episode begins with the girls reading a card left behind by Verónica. Ana Claudia reveals in a confessional that she feels as if she is a leftover in the competition. The girls get a runway lesson in which all receive criticism. The worst was once again Grecia for walking hunchbacked and for not utilizing her height on the catwalk. Later, the models are put to the test in a runway show. Tracy, Melina and Ana Claudia strut their stuff and impress the judges. However, Ana Claudia was deemed as the best and wins the runway challenge. As her prize, she gets to pick who goes first at the next photo shoot. At the shoot, the models must pose nude in front of the camera, which makes some of the girls uneasy. Nikoll feels that Ana Claudia will pick her to go first since the two aren't friends. To Nikoll's surprise, Ana Claudia picks Lee to go first. At panel, Fer, Yael, Nikoll, and Erika receive good critiques while the rest receive mixed feedback. Nikoll's artistic and stunning photo get her the best photo of the week. The bottom 2 are Grecia and Marina. Grecia for not nailing it in the face and relying too much on her modelesque look. Marina for having exactly the same facial expression in every shoot. Elsa hands the last photo to Grecia telling her she needs to improve greatly in order to remain in the running. Marina is eliminated for producing the worst photo and for not being up to par with the rest of her competition. Marina leaves and wishes the girls luck, as she alludes there will be more tension in the episodes to come.

  • First call-out: Nikoll Vogas
  • Bottom two: Grecia Vargas & Marina Ávila
  • Eliminated: Marina Ávila
  • Featured photographer: Adrian Burns

Episode 5

First aired: September 6, 2011

  • First call-out: Yael Álvarez
  • Bottom two: Tracy Reuss & Xareni Sajarópulos
  • Eliminated: Xareni Sajarópulos

Episode 6

First aired: September 13, 2011

  • First call-out: Lee Velázquez
  • Bottom two: Ana Claudia Armas & Melina Laporta
  • Eliminated: Ana Claudia Armas

Episode 7

First aired: September 20, 2011

  • First call-out: Fer Herrera
  • Bottom two: Quetzalli Bulnes & Tracy Reuss
  • Eliminated: Quetzalli Bulnes

Episode 8

First aired: September 27, 2011

  • First call-out: Tracy Reuss
  • Bottom two/eliminated: Erika Coronel & Grecia Vargas

Episode 9

First aired: October 4, 2011

  • First call-out: Yael Álvarez
  • Bottom two: Lee Velázquez & Melina Laporta
  • Eliminated: Melina Laporta

Episode 10

First aired: October 11, 2011

  • First call-out: Tracy Reuss
  • Bottom two: Lee Velázquez & Nikoll Vogas
  • Eliminated: Lee Velázquez

Episode 11

First aired: October 18, 2011

  • First call-out: Nikoll Vogas
  • Bottom two: Fer Herrera & Yael Álvarez
  • Eliminated: Fer Herrera

Episode 12

First aired: October 25, 2011

Episode 12 was the recap episode, and it reviewed the season's highlights.

Episode 13

First aired: November 1, 2011

The final three girls arrive back to the house after a shocking elimination. Tracy and Nikoll are both shocked that Yael was saved and not Fernanda. Nikoll feels like one of her biggest competitors left. The three girls all do a final photo shoot which is an Elle Cover-Try. Nikoll gives good facial expressions but lacks the body language needed for the cover. Her body type is also too thick for Elle's liking as her hips dominate the photo. Tracy was the exact opposite as the photographer applauded her for having daring poses . Again, Tracy received criticism for a limited range in facial expressions. Yael gave classic modeling poses which felt catalog and not editorial at all. The girls also shoot a commercial for Sedal and all three excel.

At judging, the panel goes over the three remaining girls' work. Nikoll receives praise for a stunning photograph and a well delivered commercial. Although some judges felt that her eye expressions have been the same in every shot. Tracy receives praise for performing well in her commercial and for her editorial pose in the Elle Cover-Try. Although, she receives criticism on her lack of emotion. Yael does a good job on both assignments but, the judges felt that none of her work is great. After a long deliberation the judges decide that Nikoll's strong performance in the final week merited her the first spot in the finale. Tracy and Yael land in the bottom two. The judges decide that Tracy's age and recent improvement outweighed Yael's potential and thus granting her a spot in the top two Yael was eliminated for not being better than Nikoll and Tracy due to her being older and more experienced as a model.

  • First call-out: Nikoll Vogas
  • Bottom two: Tracy Reuss & Yael Álvarez
  • Eliminated: Yael Álvarez

The two finalists cheer about making it to the top two. Although Nikoll reveals that she wishes Yael was with her over her friend Tracy since, Yael is weaker. The two finalists are greeted by Oscar and the most recently eliminated contestants in the finale show. The two finalists receive a surprise like no other. Tyra Banks appears to judge the two finalists on the runway show and at the final judging. The two finalists perform very well on the finale runway.

At the final deliberation, the girls are praised for being the two strongest girls in the competition. Tyra Bank's preferred Nikoll's walk over Tracy's while the rest of the panel thought Tracy did better than Nikoll. Tracy was criticized for not smizing on the runway, despite walking very elegantly. Nikoll's piercing stare got a thumbs up from the judges but her walk was too fast and not on point with the rest of the girls.

The girls' portfolios are compared side to side. Tyra is blown away by Tracy's swimsuit shot and deeming it as perfection. While Nikoll's shot is seen as a no-neck monster. Overall the judges feel that both girls have had good shots and not so great shots. In the end, the judges are torn. But, the panel feels that Tracy has more potential and she winds up winning the competition.

  • Final Two: Nikoll Vogas & Tracy Reuss
  • Mexico's Next Top Model: Tracy Reuss
  • Special guests: Tyra Banks


Call-out order

Elsa's call-out order
6FerGreciaErikaAna ClaudiaNikollYaelErikaFerMelina
9VerónicaFerQuetzalliTracyAna ClaudiaMelinaQuetzalli
10MelinaXareniFerXareniTracyAna Claudia
11MarinaAna ClaudiaYaelGreciaXareni
13Ana ClaudiaMelinaAna Claudia
     The contestant was eliminated
     The contestant quit the competition
     The contestant was the original eliminee but was saved due to a contestant that quit
     The contestant won the competition
  • In episode 1, the group of 20 semi-finalists was narrowed down to 14. Originally, it was announced that only 13 contestants would advance to the main competition, but Quetzalli was also put through at elimination.
  • In episode 3, Verónica's decision to quit at panel automatically saved Ana Claudia from being eliminated.
  • In episode 8, Erika and Grecia were both eliminated from the competition when Elsa pulled out a blank photograph.
  • Episode 12 was the recap episode

Photo Shoot Guide

  • Episode 1 Photo Shoot: Posing In Red Dresses (Casting)
  • Episode 2 Photo Shoot: Bikinis Inside of a Light-Box
  • Episode 3 Photo Shoot: Blooming Butterflies
  • Episode 4 Photo Shoot: Posing Nude
  • Episode 5 Photo Shoot: Futuristic High Fashion Editorial on a Platform
  • Episode 6 Photo Shoot: Story of Seduction with a Male Model
  • Episode 7 Photo Shoot: Model Stereotypes
  • Episode 8 Photo Shoot: Underwater Nymphs
  • Episode 9 Commercial: Sedal Co-Creations
  • Episode 10 Photo Shoot: Old Glamour in Couture Dresses
  • Episode 11 Photo Shoot: Gypsies on a Train
  • Episode 13 Photo Shoot & Commercial: Elle cover shots; Sedal Co-Creations


  • Ana Claudia - Light brown hair.
  • Erika - Lighter hair with fringes.
  • Fer - Shorter hair with fringes and layers.
  • Grecia - Shorter, wavier & lighter.
  • Lee - Shortened on the sides.
  • Marina - Pixie cut.
  • Melina - Cut to the shoulders, with blonde highlights.
  • Nikoll - Cut to the chest and dyed red.
  • Quetzalli - Haircut with asymmetrical fringes, and dyed blonde.
  • Tracy - Shorter, lighter hair.
  • Verónica - Bob cut.
  • Xareni - Lighter hair.
  • Yael - Brown, with a hair weave.


  • Elsa Benítez (Host)
  • Allan Fis (Photographer)
  • Glenda Reyna (Former model)
  • Jo Lance (Photographer & TV personality)

Other Cast Members

  • Oscar Madrazo (Creative director)
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