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Malta's Top ModelDescription : Malta's Top Model was a Maltese reality television show. It aired on Favourite Channel from September to December 2009. The show saw a number of aspiring models compete to win title of Malta's Top Model as well as a modeling contract with Stand Out Model Management in London and the front cover of a local magazine in hopes of a successful career in the modeling industry.The competition was host by Claire Amato, who also served as the head judge. The other members of the judging panel were cas... Page:m202

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Malta's Top Model
Cycle 1 cast
GenreReality television
Presented byClaire Amato
JudgesClaire Amato
Alan J. Darmanin
Jeff Francalanza
Country of originMalta
No. of episodes12
Original networkFavourite Channel
Original releaseSeptember 29, 2009 (2009-09-29) - December 15, 2009 (2009-12-15)
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Malta's Top Model was a Maltese reality television show. It aired on Favourite Channel from September to December 2009. The show saw a number of aspiring models compete to win title of Malta's Top Model as well as a modeling contract with Stand Out Model Management in London and the front cover of a local magazine in hopes of a successful career in the modeling industry.

The competition was host by Claire Amato, who also served as the head judge. The other members of the judging panel were casting director Alan J. Darmanin and challenge organizer Jeff Francalanza.

The competition began with a group of twenty contestants, which was whittled down to fourteen in the preliminary round of the competition. Among the fourteen finalists was Miss Earth Malta 2008 Maria Elena Galea, who withdrew from the competition immediately after the final selection. The final thirteen lived together and competed in a variety of challenges and photo shoots, and each week one contestant was eliminated. In addition, viewers could vote for their favorite girls each week per SMS.

Among the contestants was trans woman Denise Dalton. The winner of the competition was 17-year-old Audrienne Debono.

Series summary

SeasonPremiere dateWinnerRunner-upOther contestants in order of eliminationNumber of contestants
1September 29, 2009Audrienne DebonoSanaa RizgallaMaria Elena Galea (quit), Roweida Lazumi, Wilhelmina Farrugia, Joanne Cutajar, Adriana Azzopardi, Allison Attard, Alexia Fenech, Denise Dalton, Christine Mifsud, Charlene Buttigieg, Thays Araujo Buhagiar, Zerry Zerafa14

Episode summaries

Episode 1

Original airdate: 29 September 2009

From the auditions, 14 finalists were chosen instead of 13. This was a surprise for the 20 semi-finalists. In fact, the three judges during the auditions, Claire, Demaris and Alan J, saw a lot of potential in the girls and decided to allow 14 into the program. But soon after, Maria dropped out of the program due to some personal reasons. Now the girls are back to 13.

  • Quit: Maria Elena Galea

Episode 2

Original airdate: 6 October 2009

Clothes reflect fashion, which is the main issue in Malta's Top Model. The first challenge, which took place in Kenvelo Fashion Outlet, was a 'style yourself' game. Altogether the models had ten minutes to dress up in any outfit from the shop and were judged by Jeff. The winner was Thays who was awarded with fifteen extra shots for the photo shoot. She chose Alexia and Audrienne to benefit with her in these extra shots.

The first photo shoot, photographed by Bernard Polidano, took place in the Ivory&Co. textile outlet. The models had to pose as mannequins and were styled by Josef Gauci.

For personal reasons, Sanaa was absent from the first elimination ceremony. The girl called first, who had the best photo of the week, was Joanne. The judging panel for this week, formed by Claire, Alan J, Jeff and guest judges Lorna and Bernard did not see as much potential in her as in the other twelve models. First eliminated out of the program was half Libyan, half Maltese model Roweida.

  • Fist call-out: Joanne Cutajar
  • Bottom two: Allison Attard & Roweida Lazumi
  • Eliminated: Roweida Lazumi

Episode 3

Original airdate: 13 October 2009

Charlene was disqualified from the first challenge. She came one hour late and thus she could not compete for the 15 extra photo shots. She defended herself saying that she has got a very busy life but still the judges were not satisfied with her explanation and was disqualified from the challenge. The contestants were divided in 6 groups and each group was given a different music genre:

ContestantsMusic genre
Adriana & WilhelminaCountry
Alexia & SanaaR&B
Allison & DenisePop
Audrienne & CharleneHeavy metal
Christine & ThaysSoul
Joanne & ZerryRock

Each group had to dress up themselves in the most proper way to reflect these music types that they were associated with. The winner was Charlene. She was awarded with fifteen extra shots. She also had to choose another girl that got 10 extra shots and Charlene chose Audrienne.

Wilhelmina was eliminated at panel. This week's judges, Claire, Jeff, Alan J and guest judges Rene and Charles, were disappointed with Wilhelmina's performance throughout the photo shoot and with her final photo. They also wanted to see more personality, as models have to have an outstanding personality especially when travelling for jobs abroad. Wilhelmina lost over Christine as the latter was in the bottom two of this week but the judges saw more model potential in Christine.

  • Fist call-out: Charlene Buttigieg
  • Bottom two: Christine Mifsud & Wilhelmina Farrugia
  • Eliminated: Wilhelmina Farrugia

Episode 4

Original airdate: 20 October 2009

A model's punctuality is extremely important. This point raised a debated argument between Jeff, Charlene, Allison and Sanaa. For both the photo shoot and for the judging, Charlene arrived late again. She had already been disqualified from one challenge for being really late. Jeff's voice was raised during the discussion as his temper reached its peak. He couldn't stand anymore the fact that Charlene was always late. He tried to make her realize that time costs money in the fashion industry. Jeff told Charlene that he wanted her to learn something from this experience and that if he didn't even care about her he would not have started this argument in the first place.

Meanwhile, Charlene accused Allison for lying to her. Charlene said that when she had realized that she was going to be late, she phoned Allison to ask her if the judging had already started or not. Charlene said that Allison told her to take it easy as she was not late. But in fact everyone was waiting for Charlene in order for the judging to start. Later Charlene also accused Sanaa for not being present for the first judging. Sanaa had not been present for very serious personal reasons. During the debate, Charlene announced that she was going to quit the program but later on, when everyone had calmed down she changed her mind and continued in this competition.

Joanne, the blue eyed beauty was eliminated. The model went downhill from the first week where she was called first as she had the best photo of the week. Last week in the music themed photo shoot she gave blank expressions as happened also this week where it was a more close up beauty shot. This showed the judges that Joanne was one dimensional thus lacked in giving various expressions in different photo shoot. Forming the bottom two was Adriana but was saved by the judges.

  • Fist call-out: Sanaa Rizgalla
  • Bottom two: Adriana Azzopardi & Joanne Cutajar
  • Eliminated: Joanne Cutajar

Episode 5

Original airdate: 27 October 2009

Time for Make-overs: The day that all models feared of finally arrived. A professional model should be ready for any make-over that they can do to her in the fashion industry. Jeff, Charles, Claire and Alan J greeted the models as they walked into Avantgarde Unisex Salon. They explained to each model the new hairstyles that they were going to be given. The most drastic changes were those done to Allison and Audrienne. Allison's long black hair was turned into a stylish bob whilst Audrienne was turned into a blonde. All of the models were given a more edgy look to work with in their photo shoot.

Adriana disappointed the judges again. Fourth one out is Adriana. Claire, Jeff, Alan J. and guest judges Rene and Irina Munz, an international professional stylist, were disappointed that although Adriana had the figure and height of a model, she did not use them to the utmost and lacked in giving a striking photo for the third week in a row. Ending in bottom two with her was Charlene who disappointed the photographer during her photo shoot by saying a lot of times that she didn't know what poses she could possibly do in the water thus not giving a very good photo.

  • Fist call-out: Audrienne Debono
  • Bottom two: Adriana Azzopardi & Charlene Buttigieg
  • Eliminated: Adriana Azzopardi

Episode 6

Original airdate: 3 November 2009

Before starting the photo shoot, Alan J. had to announce who the challenge winner for the best make-over was. The winner was supposed to be Allison as she accepted her make-over immediately and did not complain but her win was taken away from her as the production team caught her in a lie. For the make-over day she had told them that she couldn't make it on that day so the day was changed but it was all a lie. Instead Audrienne was named as the new challenge winner and was awarded with extra photo shots.

The girls were given a surprise by Claire. They were all dining out at Hardrock Cafe in Valletta Waterfront and Claire surprised them by joining them for a chat. She asked them various questions as to how they felt that they were doing in the competition and the photo shoots. Some admitted that they were finding the competition much harder than they expected and some admitted that they were beginning to feel much more confident in front of the photo camera. Claire gave them some useful tips to use them in challenges, photo shoots and judging in order to do better in the competition.

This week's photo shoot was somewhat different. The 9 remaining contestants were taken to a playground where they had to depict childhood with their facial expressions and poses. They had to climb slides, swings and ladders to give their utmost in depicting happy young children. The photo shoot was shot by Rene Rossignaud. The contestants were dressed in very bright and colorful clothes from RockaBilly, Mosta. Best photo of the week was Zerry's where she was really great in giving different types of poses by also hanging upside down from some steel rings.

Bottom two this week were Allison and Alexia. Allison had survived the first elimination when she was bottom two with Roweida whilst Alexia was in bottom two for the first time after she lacked in giving a good shot for the second week in a row. The judges decision was to eliminate Allison as they saw more model potential in Alexia between the two of them. During the previous judging, the judges had pointed out to Allison that she had to gain more height in the way she posed in photos and not make herself look shorter but she did not take note of this and again this week she gave a hunched pose, ignoring the judge's tips. Now 8 girls remain in the competition.

  • Fist call-out: Christine Mifsud
  • Bottom two: Alexia Fenech & Allison Attard
  • Eliminated: Allison Attard

Episode 7

Original airdate: 10 November 2009

This week the photo shoot and challenge were combined together. The photo shoot took the remaining 8 finalists in different rooms of an apartment were each girl was given a different location. They had to give their best poses not only for the photos but also for the challenge as together with the photo shoot they had the posing challenge. The girls were judged by Jeff as to how they were posing in front of the photographer and his camera. The winner was then announced during the judging panel. The best two were Denise and Thays but Jeff chose Thays as the winner who was awarded with a voucher from New Generation clothing.

Unfortunately, Alexia did not manage to impress the judges for the third time in a row. Last week she was in bottom two with Allison but she was saved. This time she gave the same looks all over again. Alexia got to bottom to with Zerry but Zerry's photos from the beginning of the program were stronger thus she managed not to be eliminated. Alexia disappointment was that she felt that she had worked harder this week but still she did not manage to do better than the remaining 7 contestants.

Toughest judging till now. As the competition goes along, the judging are becoming much tougher as to decide who should be eliminated. In fact this week's judges, Claire, Alan J, Jeff and guest judge Charles Falzon from Avantgarde, took a long time to decide who was going to be eliminated next. Whilst the girls were outside waiting for the verdict, Alexia let out that she feared that she was going to be eliminated. Zerry was also preoccupied that her final photo outcome was not one of the best as well. Back in the judging room, before Alexia was eliminated, the judges cried because of this decision whilst the other girls cried for Alexia's elimination.

  • Fist call-out: Sanaa Rizgalla
  • Bottom two: Alexia Fenech & Zerry Zerafa
  • Eliminated: Alexia Fenech

Episode 8

Original airdate: 17 November 2009

  • Fist call-out: Charlene Buttigieg
  • Bottom two: Audrienne Debono & Denise Dalton
  • Eliminated: Denise Dalton

Episode 9

Original airdate: 24 November 2009

  • Fist call-out: Sanaa Rizgalla
  • Bottom two: Charlene Buttigieg & Christine Mifsud
  • Eliminated: Christine Mifsud

Episode 10

Original airdate: 1 December 2009

  • Fist call-out: Thays Araujo Buhagiar
  • Bottom two: Audrienne Debono & Charlene Buttigieg
  • Eliminated: Charlene Buttigieg

Episode 11

Original airdate: 8 December 2009

  • Fist call-out: Zerry Zerafa
  • Bottom two: Sanaa Rizgalla & Thays Araujo Buhagiar
  • Eliminated: Thays Araujo Buhagiar

Episode 12

Original airdate: 15 December 2009

  • Fist call-out: Audrienne Debono
  • Bottom two: Sanaa Rizgalla & Zerry Zerafa
  • Eliminated: None
  • Final three: Audrienne Debono, Sanaa Rizgalla & Zerry Zerafa
  • Eliminated: Zerry Zerafa
  • Final two: Audrienne Debono & Sanaa Rizgalla
  • Malta's Top Model: Audrienne Debono


(ages stated are at time of contest)

Maria Elena Galea201.65 m (5 ft 5 in)NaxxarQuit in Episode 1
Roweida Lazumi191.60 m (5 ft 3 in)BirkirkaraEliminated in Episode 2
Wilhelmina Farrugia151.70 m (5 ft 7 in)BirżebbuġaEliminated in Episode 3
Joanne Cutajar211.57 m (5 ft 2 in)SafiEliminated in Episode 4
Adriana Azzopardi211.76 m (5 ft 9 2 in)BirkirkaraEliminated in Episode 5
Allison Attard171.64 m (5 ft 4 2 in)NaxxarEliminated in Episode 6
Alexia Fenech211.68 m (5 ft 6 in)SliemaEliminated in Episode 7
Denise Dalton171.70 m (5 ft 7 in)CospicuaEliminated in Episode 8
Christine Mifsud171.78 m (5 ft 10 in)FguraEliminated in Episode 9
Charlene Buttigieg231.68 m (5 ft 6 in)NaxxarEliminated in Episode 10
Thays Araujo Buhagiar191.64 m (5 ft 4 2 in)ŻabbarEliminated in Episode 11
Claire "Zerry" Zerafa181.60 m (5 ft 3 in)St. Paul's BayEliminated in Episode 12
Sanaa Rizgalla251.60 m (5 ft 3 in)MsidaRunner-Up
Audrienne Debono171.80 m (5 ft 11 in)BirżebbuġaWinner


Call-out order

Claire's call-out order
     The contestant quit the competition
     The contestant was eliminated
     The contestant was part of a non-elimination bottom two
     The contestant won the competition
  • Episode 1 was the casting episode, and Maria quit the competition, bringing the number of contestants down to thirteen models.
  • In episode 2, Sanaa was absent from panel due to personal reasons.
  • The first part of episode 12 featured a non-elimination bottom two.


  • Adriana: Trimmed and curled
  • Alexia: Trimmed and layered wavy hair
  • Allison: Bob cut
  • Audrienne: Bleached blonde mohawk
  • Charlene: Dyed auburn and layered
  • Denise: Cut shorter, manscaped
  • Sanaa: Kinky twist braids
  • Thays: Wavy shoulder length hair
  • Zerry: Dyed platinum blonde with fringes

Post Top Model careers

  • Alexia Fenech: was the Maltese representative for the Miss Earth 2015 pageant after being crowned Miss Earth Malta 2015.
  • Christine Mifsud: was the Maltese representative in the Miss Earth 2010 pageant after being crowned Miss Earth Malta 2010.
  • Denise Dalton: began working in the adult film industry under the name "Holly Harlow".
  • Sanaa Rizgalla: made an appearance in Malta's Eurovision Song for 2011 "One Life" by Glen Vella. In April 2012 she took part in The Face of Malta competition, where she finished in second place.
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