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List of Nana episodes

Description : This is an episode listing for the Japanese animated television series NANA, based on the manga series written and illustrated by Ai Yazawa. The series primarily centers around the lives of two young women and the drama they both experience as they settle into Tokyo, Japan. The first episode aired to a 6.2% audience share in Japan. The series has been licensed for a North American release by Viz Media, which they first announced at San Diego Comic-Con International 2007. The series was first ... Page:l629

This is an episode listing for the Japanese animated television series NANA, based on the manga series written and illustrated by Ai Yazawa. The series primarily centers around the lives of two young women and the drama they both experience as they settle into Tokyo, Japan. The first episode aired to a 6.2% audience share in Japan. The series has been licensed for a North American release by Viz Media, which they first announced at San Diego Comic-Con International 2007. The series was first available in North America on the Funimation Channel. A dubbed version was later added to iTunes. The first eleven episodes were released subtitled on Hulu prior to a DVD release. The first English DVD box set was released on September 8, 2009; the second on November 24, 2009.


#TitleOriginal airdate
01"Prologue: Nana and NANA"
"Joshō. Nana to NANA" (序章. 奈々とナナ) 
April 5, 2006
The anime starts out with thoughts of Nana Komatsu, later recognized as Hachi, on how she met Nana Osaki, later recognized as Nana, for the first time. They met up on a train ride to Tokyo and both see they have more in common than meets the eye. 
02"Love? Friendship? Nana and Shōji"
"Koi? Yūjō? Nana to Shōji" (恋?友情?奈々と章司) 
April 12, 2006
Hachi's background is revealed and her first meeting with Shoji Endo is shown. Hachi reveals her troubled past concerning romance and begins her new goal of finding love. 
03"Nana and Shoji, Love's Whereabouts"
"Nana to Shōji, koi no yukue" (奈々と章司、恋の行方) 
April 19, 2006
Hachi learns that Junko Saotome and Kyosuke Takakura are planning to live in Tokyo. Shoji becomes upset with Hachi, and later, discovers from Kyousuke, that she did not want to toy with his feelings, but instead loves him. Hachi sees her estranged past lover Takashi Asano on the streets of Tokyo and realizes that her love for him is in the past. After learning that Shoji is searching for her, Hachi looks for him. 
04"Nana's Love, NANA's Dream"
"Nana no koi, NANA no yume" (奈々の恋、ナナの夢) 
April 26, 2006
Hachi and Shoji fall in love. Blast, later recognized as The Black Stones, are introduced. Nana is the singer, Nobuo Terashima is the guitarist, Ren Honjo is the bassist, and Yasushi Takagi is the percussionist. Nana's past is shown and she is shocked as Ren tells her he is leaving for Tokyo to join Trapnest as the guitarist in their band. 
05"Ren's Dream, NANA's Thoughts"
"Ren no yume, NANA no omoi" (レンの夢、ナナの思い) 
May 3, 2006
While Ren makes Trapnest his highest priority, Nana decides what her fate shall be. 
06"Snowing in Tokyo! Nana and NANA"
"Yuki no jōkyō! Nana to NANA" (雪の上京!奈々とナナ) 
May 10, 2006
Hachi is heading to Tokyo to meet up with her boyfriend Shoji and her two friends Junko and Kyosuke. On the train, she meets Nana, and the two soon form a bond. This is much like the first half of the prologue, only in detailed form. 
07"Yasu Appears! Room No. 707"
"Yasu toujō! 707 gō shitsu" (ヤス登場!707号室) 
May 17, 2006
Nana and Hachi meet once again. The two decide to share an apartment, splitting the cost of the rent. However, Shoji, Junko, and Kyosuke are against the idea of them sharing the apartment at first. Hachi invites the three over to the apartment, meeting Nana and Yasu, who is helping her settle, there. After everyone leaves, Nana and Hachi begin their lives together. This is much like the second half of the prologue, only in detailed form. 
08"Strawberry Glass and Ren-Lotus Flower"
"Ichigo GURASU to Ren no hana" (いちごグラスと蓮の花) 
May 24, 2006
Nana and Hachi move into their new apartment. They decide to go shopping for new things. This is when Hachi is first nicknamed by Nana, due to them having the same given name. 
09"Nobu Arrives in Tokyo! Nana's Song"
"Nobu jōkyō! NANA no uta" (ノブ上京!ナナの歌) 
May 31, 2006
Nana and Hachi get settled into their new apartment. During the day, Hachi works at her new job at a vintage furniture and clothing store for the owner, Keiichi Mizukoshi. At night, the two are visited by Nobu. Hachi witnesses a performance by Nana and Nobu in their apartment. 
10"The Handsome Youth Shin Appears!"
"Bishōnen Shin tōjō!" (美少年シン登場!) 
June 7, 2006
Since Blast is missing a bassist and a percussionist, Nana, Hachi, and Nobu advertise their two openings. They find a new bassist, Shinichi Okazaki. Meanwhile, Shoji, working as a waiter at a restaurant, is asked to train a young girl named Sachiko Kawamura to be a waitress. 
11"Sachiko, Is This on Purpose?"
"Sachiko, wazato da yo?" (幸子、わざとだよ?) 
June 14, 2006
Mizukoshi tells Hachi that he is closing the store down for business. Now, without a job, Hachi must find a way to pay the rent and eat. However, she has other problems. Shoji is getting closer to Sachiko, and Hachi still doesn't know. Meanwhile, Yasu makes an important decision to rejoin Blast as their percussionist. 
12"Urgent Approach! Shōji and Sachiko"
"Kyū sekkin! Shōji to Sachiko" (急接近!章司と幸子) 
June 28, 2006
Hachi attempts to get her life back on track, but Shoji is forced to work out his feelings for both Hachi and Sachiko. 
13"Sachiko's Tears, Shōji's Determination"
"Sachiko no namida, Shōji no kesshin" (幸子の涙、章司の決心) 
July 5, 2006
Hachi's new job at a magazine production industry, working for Ms. Sakagami, is a bust. However, while Nana gets an opening for Blast, showing up at the restaurant where Shoji and Sachiko work at only brings trouble. 
14"Family Restaurant of Shambles"
"Shuraba no FAMIRESU" (修羅場のファミレス) 
July 12, 2006
Hachi's heart is broken after she found out she was cheated on. However, she unexpectedly receives front row tickets to see a live performance of Trapnest. 
15"Blast, First Live"
"BURASUTO, hatsu RAIBU" (ブラスト、初ライブ) 
July 19, 2006
As Blast prepares for its first ever live concert, Nana and Hachi meet a strange girl, named Misato Uehara, who is a huge fan of Nana and Blast. 
16"Nana's Love Whereabouts"
"NANA no koi no yukue" (ナナの恋の行方) 
July 26, 2006
After Hachi's breakup with Shoji hits her hard, she begins to wonder about Nana's love life and asks Nobu. 
17"Trapnest, Live"
"TORANESU, RAIBU" (トラネス、ライヴ) 
August 2, 2006
Nana and Hachi go to the latter's home town to see live performance of Trapnest. Layla Serizawa is the singer, Ren is the guitarist, Takumi Ichinose is the bassist, and Naoki Fujieda is the percussionist. Hachi questions Nana about her relationship with Ren and asks if she still loves him. 
18"Hachi's Prayer, Nana's Thoughts"
"Hachi no inori, NANA no omoi" (ハチの祈り、ナナの想い) 
August 9, 2006
Ren notices Nana at the live performance of his band Trapnest. Later on, Ren invites Nana to his hotel room, confessing how much he misses her. 
19"Nana's Prize"
"NANA no gohōbi" (ナナのごほうび) 
August 16, 2006
Nana and Ren talk about their future. Hachi visits Junko, who asks her about the male band members in Blast. Everyone gathers at Nana and Hachi's apartment to play Mahjong, including Ren and Takumi. 
20"Sudden Development! Hachi's Fate"
"Kyū tenkai! Hachi no unmei" (急展開!ハチの運命) 
August 23, 2006
Ren and Nana are now back together and Yasu reveals that he had a relationship with Reira two years ago. Hachi gets to know Nobu better and sees similar qualities in him that she sees in herself. 
21"Dream of Suite Room"
"SUIITO RŪM no yume" (スイートルームの夢) 
August 30, 2006
Hachi has dinner with Takumi and debates whether she should spend the night with him, even though she knows about his reputation as a womanizer. Yasu has scheduled another concert for Blast, raising excitement among the band members. 
22"Wish of July 7th, Hachi's Love"
"Tanabata no negai, Hachi no koi" (七夕の願い、ハチの恋) 
September 13, 2006
Blast celebrates July 7th and make decorations for the apartment. Hachi prepares a large meal for Trapnest the following night to celebrate the end of their tour. However, Nana informs her that they won't be visiting as they're going out with the male band members in Blast. Takumi visits Hachi after Nobu and Shin despise him for insulting her reputation. 
23"I Do Not Want to Pass Over to Anybody"
"Dare ni mo watashitakunai" (誰にも渡したくない) 
September 20, 2006
Nobu comes to terms with his feelings for Hachi while Nana confides in Yasu that she will be by Hachi's side no matter what she decides, even though she disapproves of Takumi. Ren asks Nana to move in with him. Reira gives Shin money to spend the night with her. 
24"Hachi's Confused Heart"
"Midareru Hachi no kokoro" (乱れるハチの心) 
September 27, 2006
Blast is noticed by Gaia Records, a record company, thanks to Yasu. Nana tells Hachi what Takumi said to Shin and Nobu but also tells her that Nobu is in love with her. Later that day, Nobu confesses his true feelings to Hachi. Shin leaves his lighter at Reira's and gets it back but spends no time with her much to Reira's chagrin. Hachi is torn between Takumi and Nobu. 
25"A Capricious and Selfish Man"
"Kimagure de katte na otoko" (気まぐれで勝手な男) 
October 1, 2006
Nana goes to live with Ren for the two weeks that Trapnest have off. Ryouko, Shin's pimp, is flying to America, and Shin notices the difference between Ryouko and Reira. Meanwhile, Reira and Takumi visit their hometown and bump into each other there. Nobu walks Hachi home but Takumi turns up and walks her the rest of the way. Hachi avoids going to watch Blast have practice because she can't face Nobu. Misato comes to visit for summer vacation. 
26"The Passing Hachi and NANA"
"Surechigau Hachi to NANA" (すれちがうハチとナナ) 
October 10, 2006
Blast prepares for its first live recorded performance, surprisingly sold out. Hachi feels lonely after Nana turns her down to celebrating at the apartment. So instead she goes to see Takumi. 
27"Hachi's Desired Future"
"Hachi no hoshii mirai" (ハチの欲しい未来) 
October 18, 2006
All the band members of Blast, except Nana, visit Hachi and discuss about their record contract with Gaia Records, in comparison to the record contract of Trapnest with Cookie Music. Nana comes by later in the evening, only to find out that Hachi has gone with Nobu to buy wine. Hachi and Nobu kiss for the first time. 
28"Hachi and Nobu, Sudden Intimacy"
"Hachi to Nobu, Kyū Sekkin" (ハチとノブ、急接近) 
October 25, 2006
Hachi says she will break up with Takumi to be with Nobu. 
29"The Problem of Expressing Love"
"Aijō hyōgen no mondai" (愛情表現の問題) 
November 1, 2006
Hachi admits to Nana that she loves Nobu after spending the night at his place. Junko, Kyosuke, and Shoji try to analyze why Hachi is with Nobu. Yasu and Gou Kanemoto, the Gaia Records manager, meets with Shin's father to sign the contract. Takumi, unable to get through to Hachi, becomes frustrated, leaving Ren puzzled. 
30"Breakdown, NANA's Heart"
"Kekkai girigiri, NANA no kokoro" (決壊ギリギリ、ナナの心) 
November 8, 2006
Hachi feels ill during work and her boss tells her to see a doctor. Nobu gets Nana a job at the moving company he works part-time for so she can make some money. Hachi discovers she is pregnant. Takumi tells Ren that he misses Hachi. 
31"Hachi's Child, Pregnancy"
"Hachiko, ninshin" (ハチ子、妊娠) 
November 15, 2006
Hachi is having a baby but doesn't know if its Nobu's or Takumi's. Takumi phones Nobu using Hachi's phone and tells him that if she decides to keep the baby he will recognize it and raise it as his own. 
32"Don't Separate the Joined Hands"
"Tsunaida te o hanasanai de" (繋いだ手を離さないで) 
November 20, 2006
Nana and Nobu argue over what to do about the baby and whether or not Nobu should become the baby's father. Nobu goes to see Hachi. Reira explains the "red thread" belief to Shin. 
33"Hachi's Choice"
"Hachi no sentaku" (ハチの選択) 
November 29, 2006
Hachi makes her final decision about her pregnancy. Takumi surprises her with his own. 
34"The Broken Strawberry Glass"
"Wareta ichigo no GURASU" (割れたいちごのグラス) 
December 6, 2006
Takumi and Hachi tell their decision to marry. Nana is shocked, and a strawberry glass falls apart. 
35"Reira's Loneliness"
"Reira no kodoku" (レイラの孤独) 
December 13, 2006
Reira is upset about Takumi and Hachi's engagement. 
36"Blast's New Song!!"
"BURASUTO shinkyoku!!" (ブラスト新曲!!) 
December 20, 2006
Blast perform their new song for their management. Later, Shin and Nana have a big argument. Nana heads home to the apartment for the first time in nine days, only to find that Hachi has moved out. 
37"Hachi, High-Class Housewife"
"Hachi, shiroganeeze" (ハチ、シロガネーゼ) 
January 17, 2007
Junko, Kyosuke, and Shoji discuss the possibility that Hachi's fiancée is Takumi from Trapnest. Meanwhile, Hachi meets Naoki for the first time and shows off her new apartment to him and Takumi. Takumi tells Hachi that she doesn't have to keep their relationship a secret from their friends and family, and he expresses his desire to go and meet with Hachi's parents and sisters. 
38"The Trigger of Fate"
"Unmei no hikigane" (運命の引き金) 
January 24, 2007
Ren encourages Nana to go and see Hachi. Unfortunately, Nana and Hachi just missed each other. Hachi meets with Shin and tells him about her pregnancy and decision to marry Takumi. 
39"Look, Hachiko"
"Hachiko, mitero yo" (ハチ公、見てろよ) 
January 31, 2007
The love life of Ren and Nana has leaked to the press. Blast suspects Gaia Records to be involved. Nana faces the consequences, and leaves a message for Hachi through a live television broadcast. On the other hand, Hachi is having problems with Takumi, and she confesses to Junko and Kyosuke that she is in love with him, even though she wishes that she could love Nobu. 
40"Blast, Debut!"
"BURASUTO, DEBYŪ!" (ブラスト、デビュー!) 
February 7, 2007
With the band members of Blast holed up in a secret hotel room, Misato has come to visit again while Yasu and Gaia Records finally make a decision about the debut. Nana tells Nobu that she has a plan to get Hachi back. The band members of Trapnest leave for London, while Hachi heads back to her hometown. Meanwhile Reira discovers that Blast's debut single will be released on the same day as Trapnest's new single. 
41"Blast Lodging Together"
"BURASUTO gasshuku" (ブラスト合宿) 
February 14, 2007
Nao Komatsu, Hachi's older sister, asks Hachi about Nana. Takumi arrives home from London and gives Hachi her engagement ring. With the other band members of Trapnest still in London, Ren and Reira begin to realize the depth of Yasu's feelings for Nana when Mari, Reira's personal assistant and manager, points out that he has placed Blast ahead of his law apprenticeship commitments. Meanwhile, with the members of Blast sent to a wilderness camp by Gaia Records, Shin takes the opportunity to email Reira, while Yasu admits to Nana that he is in love with her. 
42"NANA, Suddenly Fit"
"NANA, totsuzen no hossa" (ナナ、突然の発作) 
February 21, 2007
After the band members of Blast return from their training camp, they all move into the Gaia Records boarding house. Reira replies to Shin's email, and she and Mari later find Ren passed out in the bathtub. Takumi meets Hachi's family for the first time. Nobu meets Yuri Kousaka, a pornographic actress, in the boarding house, surprised to be living next door to her. Nana starts hyperventilating after Nobu reveals that he has given up on Hachi. 
43"Blast, Guerrilla Live"
"BURASUTO, GURIRA RAIBU" (ブラスト、ゲリラライブ) 
February 28, 2007
A mysterious actress, named Miu Shinoda, gives Nobu directions on how to help Nana with her hyperventilation. Takumi notices that Reira has Shin's lighter, although Reira claims she received it from a fan. Blast has an unannounced live performance in Shinjuku, which Hachi unknowingly stumbles upon. 
44"Blast VS Trapnest"
March 7, 2007
As both bands rehearse for a television appearance, Yasu confronts Ren about his drug use and treatment of Nana. Ren later proposes to Nana, followed up by a session of rough sex which excites and terrifies Nana at the same time. Shin and Reira manage to sneak out for some alone time, while Nobu is discouraged when he learns that Miu is seven years older than he is. 
45"Blast's First TV Performance"
"BURASUTO TV hatsu shutsuen" (ブラストTV初出演) 
March 14, 2007
Blast and Trapnest make their television appearances. Hachi admits to Junko that she feels the desire to explain things to Nobu because Shoji never explained his affair with Sachiko to her. The members of Blast play Mahjong with Miu and Yuri. Hachi arranges to meet up with the band members of Blast to watch the fireworks display. 
46"Reunion! Hachi and Shōji"
"Saikai! Hachi to Shōji" (再会!ハチと章司) 
March 21, 2007
As the band members of Blast excitedly prepare for the fireworks display by cancelling their other appointments and finding disguises, Hachi encounters Shoji for the first time since their breakup. Meanwhile Takumi and Reira discuss Ren's desire to marry Nana. 
47"Fireworks Display, Hachi and NANA"
"Hanabi taikai, Hachi to NANA" (花火大会、ハチとナナ) 
March 28, 2007
In the future, the band members of Blast and Hachi with her daughter, Satsuki, meet each other again at the apartment for the fireworks display. However, Nana is ironically not present. In the past, Hachi tries to avoid seeing Nobu again. So Nana lies to her, saying that Nobu won't be seeing the fireworks display with the rest of the band members of Blast. Nobu stays in the apartment, while the rest go outside and enjoy the fireworks display. Hachi meets up with them, not knowing that Nobu stayed in the apartment. In the future, as they all enjoy the fireworks display, Hachi waits for Nana to return to her. 
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