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Alec Su

Alec SuDescription : Su You-peng (born 11 September 1973), also known as Alec Su, is a Taiwanese actor, pop singer, television producer, and film director.Su became a huge teen idol in 1988 as a member of the boy band Xiao Hu Dui. He was known as the "Obedient Tiger" (乖乖虎) until the band broke up in 1995.The 1998-1999 mega-hit TV series My Fair Princess marked a turning point in Su's career. Since then he has had a successful career in acting, starring in highly-popular dramas such as The Legendary Siblings (1999... Page:a181

Alec Su
Alec Su 2012.jpg
Su performing in Las Vegas, USA, 2012
Chinese name蘇有朋 (traditional)
Chinese name苏有朋 (simplified)
PinyinSū Yǒupéng (Mandarin)
Born(1973-09-11) 11 September 1973 (age 43)
Taipei, Taiwan
Other name(s)Guaiguai Hu (乖乖虎; "Obedient Tiger")
Tommy Su
Occupationactor, singer, producer
Instrument(s)Keyboards, Guitar
Years active1988-present
Associated actsXiao Hu Dui
AncestryNanchang, Jiangxi, China (Hakka)
  • Hundred Flowers Awards
    Best Supporting Actor
    2010 The Message
This is a Chinese name; the family name is Su.

Su You-peng (born 11 September 1973), also known as Alec Su, is a Taiwanese actor, pop singer, television producer, and film director.

Su became a huge teen idol in 1988 as a member of the boy band Xiao Hu Dui. He was known as the "Obedient Tiger" (乖乖虎) until the band broke up in 1995.

The 1998-1999 mega-hit TV series My Fair Princess marked a turning point in Su's career. Since then he has had a successful career in acting, starring in highly-popular dramas such as The Legendary Siblings (1999), Romance in the Rain (2001), and The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber (2003). Su has won awards from Hundred Flowers Awards and Macau International Movie Festival for the films The Message (2009) and The Love Song of Kang Ding (2010) respectively.

In 2013 he produced the TV series Destiny by Love. In 2015 he directed the film The Left Ear.

Little Tigers

Alec Su's career started in 1988, at the age of 15, when he joined the Little Tigers trio. The band was the first idol singing group that debuted in the Taiwanese music industry and Alec was labelled as the "obedient tiger." The group's popularity was unprecedented; the Little Tigers attracted fans from Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, and amongst Chinese communities around the world. The success of the band began the new generation of Taiwanese pop culture in the early 1990s. In 2010, the Little Tigers were invited to participate in the CCTV Spring Festival Gala, in which they sang a medley of three of their biggest hits and won accolades as the "favorite singing group" for the event.

Apart from being a popular singer, during this period Su was epitomized by the general public as a superior student. He attended Taiwan's number one high school, Taipei Municipal Jianguo High School and was accepted into the prestigious National Taiwan University, where he majored in Mechanical Engineering . Su's experiences describing his high school years, preparing for the Taiwan university entrance examinations while trying to also juggle his performing schedule as a member of a wildly popular singing group, are recorded in his 1995 book entitled My Days at Jian Zhong / Youth Never Die.

However, as Su became so well known at such a young age, he felt that he had lost his freedom as a result of being in the limelight. At the age of 21, a year before his university graduation in Taiwan, Su decided to leave school and study abroad in England.


Alec Su at the 1st New York Chinese Film Festival, 19 September 2010, New York City, USA.

In 1995, after the breakup of Little Tigers, Su embarked on an acting career. His role as the Wu Ah Ge, Yongqi in the Chinese TV series blockbuster My Fair Princess I and II won him fame as a television actor in 1997. He continued in 2000 with another hit TV series Romance in the Rain. His later TV series include Heavenly Sword and Dragon Sabre (2002), Magic Touch of Fate (2004, costarring Taiwanese actress Ruby Lin and Korean singer Kang Ta), and Mischievous Princess (2005). He collaborated with Korean actress Chae Rim in two 2003 productions, Love of the Aegean Sea and Warriors of the Yang Clan.

In 2006, Su appeared in the 1930s drama Jiang Ji Jiu Ji co-starring with Li Qian, Cecilia Ye Tong, and Paul Chun, and which aired in Spring 2007. In 2008 he acted in the TV drama Re Ai, which aired in the spring of 2009.

In late 2013, it was announced that Su would be appearing as a judge on the fifth season of China's Got Talent alongside Liu Ye, Wang Wei-Chung, and former co-star Zhao Wei.

Movies and music

In recent years, Su has been concentrating on his film career. Since the second half of 2008 he has participated in more than a half-dozen film projects. Su also appears in the ensemble piece, Fit Lover, which had a November 2008 release, as well as guest starring in a short Taiwan film, L-O-V-E. The high-profile 1940s-period espionage drama, The Message, had a wide release in Asia in autumn 2009, has been included in several international film festivals, and received several nominations (and one win, for Li Bing Bing as "Best Actress") for the 2009 Golden Horse awards. A Singing Fairy, shot in Guangxi Province, and a biography of Macau composer Xian Xinghai, titled The Star and the Sea, both opened in limited release in December 2009. The Four Cupids, a romantic comedy, premiered in April 2010. Film projects for 2010 included The Love Song of Kangding (romantic drama filmed in Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture) and Lost in Panic Room, a "locked room" detective thriller. Both premiered in the fall of 2010. A sequel to the detective film, titled Lost in Panic Cruise, was released for Halloween 2011. Su continues his film career with several completed movies scheduled for release in 2012, and another currently in production.

In October 2010, Alec won the Hundred Flowers Award for "Best Supporting Actor" for his role in The Message. In December 2010, he won the "Best Actor" award at the 2nd Macau International Movie Festival, for his performance in The Love Song of Kangding

Along with his TV and film success, Su has released thirty top-selling albums, starting as a member of The Little Tigers group. As a solo artist he has released 14 albums, beginning in 1992 with I Only Want You to Love Me to his 2004 release Before and After. In January 2012 Su performed, along with singers Daniel Chan, Aska Yang, and Wilber Pan, in the 2012 Fantasy Stars Chinese New Year Concert, MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas.


TV series

YearEnglish TitleChinese TitleRoleNotes
1991The Hen Brought The Ducklings母鸡带小鸭 - Mu Ji Dai Xiao Ya梁志朋 - Liang Zhipeng
1995Idol Level Best偶像一级棒 - Ou Xiang Yi Ji Bang苏建雄 - Su Jianxiong
1997My Fair Princess I还珠格格I - Huan Zhu Ge Ge I永琪 - Yong Qi
1998My Fair Princess II还珠格格II - Huan Zhu Ge Ge II永琪 - Yong Qi
1998Old House Has Joy老房有喜 - Lao Fang You Xi and Cousin Ji Xiang苏小鹏 - Su Xiao Peng
1999The Legendary Twins绝代双骄 - Jue Dai Shuang Jiao花無缺 - Hua Wu Que1999 version
2000Romance in the Rain情深深雨蒙蒙 - Qing Shen Shen Yu Meng Meng杜飞 - Du Fei
2001Taiji Prodigy少年张三丰 - Shao nian Zhang San Feng易天行 - Yi Tian Xing
2001A Date with Youth相约青春 - Xiang Yue Qin Chun敬涛 - Jing Tao
2001Secret Murder, Amazing Cases无敌县令 - Wu Di Xian Ling or Pai An Jing Qi杭铁生 - Han Tie Sheng
2002Heavenly Sword and Dragon Saber倚天屠龙记 - Yi Tian Tu Long Ji张无忌 - Zhang Wu Ji & 张翠山 - Zhang Cuisan
2002The Legendary Siblings 2絕世雙驕Hua Wuque (guest star)
2003Love Train心动列车 - Xin Dong Lie Che阿晃 - A Huang
2003Love of the Aegean Sea情定爱琴海 - Qing Ding Ai Qin Hai陆恩祈 - Lu En Qi
2003Warriors of the Yang Clan杨门虎将 - Yang Men Hu Jiang杨延郎 - Yang Yan Lang (Yang Si Lang)
2004Magic Touch of Fate魔术奇缘 - Mo Shu Qi Yuan吴俊安 - Wu Jun An
2005The Mischievous Princess (My Bratty Princess)刁蛮公主 - Diao Man Gong Zhu朱允 - Zhu Yun
2006Entrapment将计就计 - Jiang Ji Jiu Ji庄若龙 - Zhuang Ruo Long
2009Passion熱愛 - Re Ai苏明涛 - Su Ming Taoformerly called 大镇反 - Da Zhen Fan
2013The Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils天龍八部 - Tian Long Ba Bu無崖子 - Wuyazi
2013Destiny By Love非緣勿擾Lu XinuoProducing debut


YearEnglish TitleChinese TitleRoleNotes
1990Wandering Heroes游侠儿 - You Xia ErXiao Guai
1995Forever Friends四个不平凡的少年 - Si Ge Bu Ping Fan De Shao NianLuo Zhi Jian
1996Flirting Expert泡妞专家 - Pao Niu Zhuan JiaXiao Pei
1996Pale Sun情色 - Qing SeLao Wu
1998Red Bride红娘 - Hong NiangZhang Jun Rui
1999Winner Takes All大赢家 - Da Ying JiaShi Sheng Zi
1999Cotton Fleece白棉花 - Bai Mian HuaMa Cheng Gong
2000Devoted to You初恋的故事 - Chu Lian De Gu ShiYu Hai
2002Reunion手足情深 - Shou Zu Qing ShenKa Chung
2003Grandpa's Home爷爷的家 - Ye Ye De JiaXin Qiang Gong An
2005Taklamakan塔克拉玛干 - TaKeLaMaGanCheng Cheng (成成)
2008Fit Lover爱情呼叫转移Ⅱ:爱情左右 - Ai Qing Hu Jiao Zhuan Yi II: Ai Qing Zuo YouGuo Ying (郭影)
2009L-O-V-E爱到底 - Ai Dao DiGuest Star
2009A Singing Fairy寻找刘三姐 - Xun Zhao Liu San JieWei Wende (韦文德)
2009The Message风声 - Feng ShengBai Xiaonian (白小年)aka "Sound of the Wind"
2009The Star and the Sea星海 - XinghaiXiao Youmei (萧友梅)aka "The Musician"
2010The Four Cupids四个丘比特 - Si Ge Qiu Bi TeQi Bolin (齐泊霖)
2010Secret Battleground孤岛秘密战 - Gu Dao Mi Mi ZhanJapanese Officer
2010The Love Song of Kang Ding康定情歌 - Kang Ding Qing GeLi Su Jie
2010Lost in Panic Room密室之不可告人 - Mi Shi Zi Bu Ke Gao RenLiu Feiyun (柳飞云)
2011Deng Enming's Childhood少年邓恩铭 - Shao Nian Deng En Ming
2011Lost in Panic Cruise密室之不可靠岸 - Mi Shi Zhi Bu Ke Kao AnLiu Feiyun (柳飞云)sequel to "Lost in Panic Room"
2012Design of Death杀生 - Sha ShengLongevity Town Doctorprevious title: 长寿镇 - Chang Shou Zhen
2012The Assassins铜雀台 - Tong Que TaiEmperor Xian of Hanalt pinyin: Tong Qiao Tai; previous English title: "Bronze Swallow Terrace"
2012Back to 1942一九四二 - Yi Jiu Si ErT. V. SoongScenes all deleted
2012Three Unmarried Mothers三个未婚妈妈 - San Ge Wei Hun Ma Ma
2014Sweet Alibis甜蜜殺機王志毅 - Wang Zhi Yi
2014The Suspicious最佳嫌疑人Lin Yitai
2014The Four IIIEmperor Huizong of Song
2016Suspect XDirector



Released YearChinese TitleEnglish TitleNotes
1992我只要你愛我I Only Want You to Love Me
1993等到那一天Wait Until That Day
1994背包Cherished Backpack
1994這般發生Happens This Way
1994擦肩而過Brushing Past
1995愛上你的一切事情In Love with Everything about You
1995風聲雨聲聽蘇聲Wind Sound Rain Sound Su Sound
2000你快不快樂Are You Happy or Not
2001不只深情Not Only Deep Love
2002玩真的Playing for Real / Earnest
2002最愛1992-2002Best Love 1992-2002
2004以前以後Before and After


  • 2004: Love Of The Aegean Sea Original Soundtrack


  • 1995 (revised 2003): 青春的場所 (My Days at Jian Zhong / Youth Never Die)

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