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2013 Napa Valley Challenger – Singles

2013 Napa Valley Challenger – SinglesDescription : This is the first edition of the event. Page:2666

2013 Napa Valley Challenger
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Main article: 2013 Napa Valley Challenger

This is the first edition of the event.


  1. United States Denis Kudla (Quarterfinals)
  2. United States Tim Smyczek (Semifinals)
  3. United States Rhyne Williams (Quarterfinals)
  4. United States Alex Kuznetsov (Semifinals)
  5. United States Bradley Klahn (Quarterfinals)
  6. Australia Matthew Ebden (Final)
  7. United States Steve Johnson (First round)
  8. United States Donald Young (Champion)



  • Q = Qualifier
  • WC = Wild Card
  • LL = Lucky Loser
  • Alt = Alternate
  • SE = Special Exempt
  • PR = Protected Ranking
  • w/o = Walkover
  • r = Retired
  • d = Defaulted


 6 Australia Matthew Ebden66 
4 United States Alex Kuznetsov20 
 6 Australia Matthew Ebden642
 8 United States Donald Young466
8 United States Donald Young66
 2/WC United States Tim Smyczek32 

Top Half

First Round Second Round Quarterfinals Semifinals
1 United States D Kudla66 
 United Kingdom E Corrie02  1 United States D Kudla66 
  Canada P Polansky66   Canada P Polansky12 
 Italy Salvatore Caruso13   1 United States D Kudla35 
  United States T Sandgren76   6 Australia M Ebden67 
 El Salvador M Arévalo61    United States T Sandgren63
Q Bulgaria D Kutrovsky12  6 Australia M Ebden76 
6 Australia M Ebden66   6 Australia M Ebden66
4 United States A Kuznetsov66   4 United States A Kuznetsov20
WC New Zealand Ben McLachlan14  4 United States A Kuznetsov66 
 Australia M Reid60   Australia M Reid44 
 Ukraine D Molchanov10   4 United States A Kuznetsov67
 United States R Ginepri66    New Zealand M Venus26 
 Colombia N Barrientos11    United States R Ginepri636
 New Zealand M Venus76   New Zealand M Venus467 
7 United States S Johnson64 

Bottom Half

First Round Second Round Quarterfinals Semifinals
8 United States D Young66 
Q United States Greg Ouellette32  8 United States D Young66 
WC United States D Novikov722   Australia S Groth31 
 Australia S Groth666   8 United States D Young67 
  United States B Reynolds66   3 United States R Williams25 
 India S Singh24    United States B Reynolds43
WC United States C Altamirano22  3 United States R Williams66 
3 United States R Williams66   8 United States D Young66
5 United States B Klahn637   2/WC United States T Smyczek32
 United Kingdom D Evans365  5 United States B Klahn366 
Q Australia T Kokkinakis647  Q Australia T Kokkinakis633 
Q United States J Witten366   5 United States B Klahn612
 United Kingdom D Cox76   2/WC United States T Smyczek166 
 Australia B Mitchell61    United Kingdom D Cox11
 India Vijayant Malik22  2/WC United States T Smyczek66 
2/WC United States T Smyczek66 
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