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1992 International Formula 3000 Championship

1992 International Formula 3000 ChampionshipDescription : The 1992 Formula 3000 International Championship was the eighth season of Formula 3000 in Europe. Luca Badoer won the ten-round championship.Reynard was once again the dominant manufacturer. After Lola failed to win a race in 1991, there were only six of their cars on the grid in 1992. Simtek produced an upgrade of the previous year’s RALT. Two cars were produced and sold to Piquet Racing, however after a test by Nelson Piquet himself they were sold in favor of a Reynard. Piemme Motors bought... Page:157

1992 FIA International Formula 3000 Championship

The 1992 Formula 3000 International Championship was the eighth season of Formula 3000 in Europe. Luca Badoer won the ten-round championship.

Technical changes

Reynard was once again the dominant manufacturer. After Lola failed to win a race in 1991, there were only six of their cars on the grid in 1992. Simtek produced an upgrade of the previous year’s RALT. Two cars were produced and sold to Piquet Racing, however after a test by Nelson Piquet himself they were sold in favor of a Reynard. Piemme Motors bought one car for Giambattista Busi, who usually started near the back of the grid and never managed to finish a race. The other car was sold to Japan, and RALT announced its withdrawal from F3000 early in the season.

Exotic fuel blends were banned after Agip’s success in 1991. A stricter interpretation of the rules gave the cars long sidepods, which greatly increased the area of the flat floor, making the cars very sensitive to pitch changes.

Season summary

Jordi Gené won on his debut at the Silverstone, which would turn out to be his only F3000 victory. Emanuele Naspetti won on the streets of Pau in spite of a collision with Andrea Montermini. Both continued, but Montermini later crashed at the Foch statue. Montermini won the next race in Barcelona.

At Enna, the Crypton team introduced a monodamper front suspension, and their driver Luca Badoer took the victory. He then won the next two rounds in Germany as other teams scrambled to catch up, either by switching to the dominant Mader-tuned Cosworth DFVs or with monodampers, now available as an upgrade from Reynard.

At Spa-Francorchamps, Badoer suffered a high-speed accident at Radillion. His car went into the barriers backwards, and Badoer's head hit the steel roll hoop, which broke his helmet and knocked him unconscious. Montermini took the victory, and followed this with a win on F3000’s only visit to the twisty Albacete circuit in Spain.

At Nogaro, took pole position drove away to a convincing victory to clinch the title with a round to spare. In the finale, Badoer and Montermini collided, leaving Jean-Marc Gounon to take Lola’s only victory of the year, followed by Olivier Panis in another Lola and David Coulthard.

Drivers and teams

United Kingdom Pacific RacingReynard 92DMugen Honda1France Laurent AïelloAll
2Spain Jordi GenéAll
Italy Forti CorseReynard 92DFord Cosworth3Italy Emanuele Naspetti1-6
Italy Andrea Montermini7-10
4Italy Alessandro ZampedriAll
Brazil Piquet RacingReynard 92DMugen Honda5Monaco Olivier Beretta1-6
Ford Cosworth7-10
France DAMSLola T92/50Ford Cosworth6France Frédéric Gosparini1-7
France Éric Hélary8
France Jérôme Policand9-10
7France Jean-Marc GounonAll
Italy Il Barone RampanteReynard 92DJudd8Italy Andrea Montermini1-5
Ford Cosworth6
Portugal Pedro Chaves7-10
Judd9Brazil Rubens Barrichello1-5
Ford Cosworth6-10
Judd10Italy Fabiano Vandone1-5
Italy Gianpiero Simoni6-10
United Kingdom 3001 InternationalReynard 92DMugen Honda14Japan Hideki NodaAll
15United Kingdom Allan McNish1, 3-8
Australia Mark Skaife9-10
United Kingdom Paul Stewart RacingReynard 92DJudd17United Kingdom Paul StewartAll
18United Kingdom David CoulthardAll
United Kingdom CoBRa MotorsportsReynard 92DFord Cosworth19Italy Paolo Delle PianeAll
20Italy Guido Knycz6-10
Netherlands Vortex MotorsportReynard 92DMugen Honda21United Kingdom Phil Andrews1-8
Ford Cosworth9-10
Mugen Honda22Italy Giuseppe BugattiAll
United Kingdom GJ MotorsportLola T92/50Mugen Honda26Portugal Pedro Chaves1-6
United Kingdom Richard Dean7
27France Jérôme Policand1-7
Italy Crypton EngineeringReynard 92DFord Cosworth28Germany Michael BartelsAll
29Italy Luca BadoerAll
France ApomatoxReynard 92DFord Cosworth30France Olivier PanisAll
31France Emmanuel CollardAll
Italy Advance RacingReynard 92DFord Cosworth32Italy Vittorio Zoboli1-3, 5-10
Italy Piemme MotorsRalt RT24Ford Cosworth35Italy Giambattista Busi1, 4-10
United Kingdom SuperpowerReynard 92DFord Cosworth36United Kingdom Steve Robertson1, 3-10
Italy SC Lazio OilReynard 92DFord Cosworth38Italy Giovanni Bonanno4-10


RoundCircuitDateLapsDistanceTimeSpeedPole PositionFastest LapWinner
1United Kingdom Silverstone Circuit10 May375.230=193.510 km0'59:21.470195.454 km/hSpain Jordi GenéBrazil Rubens BarrichelloSpain Jordi Gené
2France Pau Grand Prix8 June722.78=200.16 km1'25:38.91139.210 km/hItaly Andrea MonterminiItaly Emanuele NaspettiItaly Emanuele Naspetti
3Spain Circuit de Catalunya21 June434.747=204.121 km1'06:51.154183.198 km/hItaly Andrea MonterminiItaly Emanuele NaspettiItaly Andrea Montermini
4Italy Autodromo di Pergusa12 July404.95=178.200 km0'58:20.958203.601 km/hItaly Luca BadoerItaly Luca BadoerItaly Luca Badoer
5Germany Hockenheimring25 July296.815=197.635 km0'56:24.640210.210 km/hItaly Luca BadoerItaly Luca BadoerItaly Luca Badoer
6Germany Nürburgring23 August454.542=204.39 km1'06:10.45185.320 km/hItaly Emanuele NaspettiBrazil Rubens BarrichelloItaly Luca Badoer
7Belgium Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps29 August256.94=173.500 km0'53:48.61194.406 km/hItaly Andrea MonterminiItaly Andrea MonterminiItaly Andrea Montermini
8Spain Circuito de Albacete13 September583.598=208.684 km1'20:36.22155.341 km/hItaly Luca BadoerItaly Andrea MonterminiItaly Andrea Montermini
9France Circuit Paul Armagnac11 October553.636=199.980 km1'14:39.54160.699 km/hItaly Luca BadoerItaly Luca BadoerItaly Luca Badoer
10France Circuit de Nevers Magny-Cours18 October474.25=199.750 km1'08:13.148175.684 km/hItaly Luca BadoerUnited Kingdom David CoulthardFrance Jean-Marc Gounon

Final points standings


For every race points were awarded: 9 points to the winner, 6 for runner-up, 4 for third place, 3 for fourth place, 2 for fifth place and 1 for sixth place. No additional points were awarded.

PlaceNameCountryTeamChassisEngineUnited KingdomFranceSpainItalyGermanyGermanyBelgiumSpainFranceFranceTotal Points
1Luca Badoer ItalyCrypton EngineeringReynardFord Cosworth211999-69-46
2Andrea Montermini ItalyIl Barone RampanteReynardJudd--94--34
Forti CorseReynardFord Cosworth993-
3Rubens Barrichello BrazilIl Barone RampanteReynardJudd646-127
Il Barone RampanteReynardFord Cosworth42112
4Michael Bartels GermanyCrypton EngineeringReynardFord Cosworth-6-3664---25
5Jordi Gené SpainPacific RacingReynardMugen Honda9-4-2-6---21
6Emanuele Naspetti ItalyForti CorseReynardFord Cosworth19-63-----19
Jean-Marc Gounon FranceDAMSLolaFord Cosworth3----1--6919
8Emmanuel Collard FranceApomatoxLolaFord Cosworth--3--3-4-313
9David Coulthard United KingdomPaul Stewart RacingReynardJudd------3-4411
10Olivier Panis FranceApomatoxLolaFord Cosworth4--------610
11Allan McNish United Kingdom3001 InternationalReynardMugen Honda--2-4--2--8
12Alessandro Zampedri ItalyForti CorseReynardFord Cosworth---2----2-4
13Vittorio Zoboli ItalyAdvance RacingReynardFord Cosworth-3--------3
Laurent Aïello FrancePacific RacingReynardMugen Honda-----21---3
Paul Stewart United KingdomPaul Stewart RacingReynardJudd-------3--3
16Giuseppe Bugatti ItalyVortexReynardFord Cosworth-2--------2
17Jérôme Policand FranceGJ MotorsportsLolaMugen Honda---1------1
Gianpiero Simoni ItalyIl Barone RampanteReynardJudd---------11

Complete Overview

first column of every race10= grid position
second column of every race10= race result

R16=retired, but classified R=retired NS=did not start NQ=did not qualify DIS(6)=disqualified after finishing in eleventh place (25)=place after practice, but grid position not held free

PlaceNameCountryTeamChassisEngineUnited KingdomFranceSpainItalyGermanyGermanyBelgiumSpainFranceFrance
1Luca Badoer ItalyCrypton EngineeringReynardFord Cosworth551061161111216R12111R
2Andrea Montermini ItalyIl Barone RampanteReynardJudd12R1R112389
Il Barone RampanteReynardFord Cosworth8R
Forti CorseReynardFord Cosworth1131242R
3Rubens Barrichello BrazilIl Barone RampanteReynardJudd92432210R106
Il Barone RampanteReynardFord Cosworth5395265655
4Michael Bartels GermanyCrypton EngineeringReynardFord Cosworth8R327R6442322313R6R10DIS(11)
5Jordi Gené SpainPacific RacingReynardMugen Honda1111R3313R25108728R1382010
6Emanuele Naspetti ItalyForti CorseReynardFord Cosworth206214R16521341R--------
Jean-Marc Gounon FranceDAMSLolaFord Cosworth1146R5R7R5R761397R163261
8Emmanuel Collard ItalyApomatoxLolaFord Cosworth22R18R13422R20124428NQ63221534
9David Coulthard United KingdomPaul Stewart RacingReynardJudd2577R12811R9R97841774383
10Olivier Panis FranceApomatoxLolaFord Cosworth2319R15714R26206R15R10R9R42
11Allan McNish United Kingdom3001 InternationalReynardMugen Honda21R--853R7311R512125----
12Alessandro Zampedri ItalyForti CorseReynardFord Cosworth7R15R91116512717R1271488512R
13Vittorio Zoboli ItalyAdvance RacingReynardFord Cosworth18R942212--1714151223151813111213R
Laurent Aïello FrancePacific RacingReynardMugen Honda4R8R6R15911310125464R15779R
Paul Stewart United KingdomPaul Stewart RacingReynardJudd6816111491282316181014115410R11R
16Giuseppe Bugatti ItalyVortexReynardFord Cosworth3NS5518R23R6819R181426NQ18R18R
17Jérôme Policand FranceGJ MotorsportsLolaMugen Honda13R20R20R18619R1922R1713--
DAMSLolaFord Cosworth151317R
Gianpiero Simoni ItalyIl Barone RampanteReynardJudd----------23R111015919R156
-Phil Andrews United KingdomVortexReynardMugen Honda24121471910259111127NQ16181910
-Pedro Chaves PortugalGJ MotorsportsLolaMugen Honda10R21924R15715131413
Il Barone RampanteReynardFord Cosworth27NQ1611141022R
-Steve Robertson United KingdomSuperpowerReynardFord Cosworth23R--25NQ26R181824R26NS20R1611217
-Frédéric Gosparini FranceDAMSLolaFord Cosworth16R17810R19R21R13112216------
-Hideki Noda Japan3001 InternationalReynardMugen Honda26R23NQ21R21R(25)NS26142417231221R238
-Giovanni Bonanno ItalySC Lazio OilReynardFord Cosworth------4R161521R10825NQ25R16R
-Olivier Beretta MonacoPiquet RacingReynardMugen Honda14912R17R8R14R209
Piquet RacingReynardFord Cosworth3R9R171297R
-Guido Knycz ItalyCoBra MotorsportsReynardFord Cosworth----------28NQ25R221424R259
-Fabiano Vandone ItalyIl Barone RampanteReynardJudd191013R161417102217----------
-Paolo Delle Piane ItalyCoBRa MotorsportsReynardFord Cosworth17112210231320R24R161520R21R17R14R
-Mark Skaife Australia3001 InternationalReynardMugen Honda----------------231624R
-Giambattista Busi ItalyPiemme MotorsRaltFord Cosworth15R----24R25R25R19R24R26NS26R
-Richard Dean United KingdomGJ MotorsportsLolaMugen Honda------------21R------
-Éric Hélary FranceDAMSLolaFord Cosworth--------------11R----
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